Lego Power Functions on Arduino – take 1

I have begun developing a Lego Power Functions IR library for Arduino. Yeah, I know that there exists at least one already (Arduino-PowerFunctions). But I have only found libraries that can send commands, not receive. My main focus in the beginning for this library is receiving Lego Power Functions infrared commands, not sending.

For now, I have only focused on commands send by the the Lego 8879 and 8885 PF remotes – not all the extra functions theĀ 8884 PF receiver supports.

I have tested the library on an Arduino Uno (Atmel ATmega328P) and an Atmel ATtiny85 (if your interested in a Lego Power Functions IR receiver run by an ATtiny, then take a look at this dutch guys project – and when you visit his site, make sure to also read his opinion on Arduino).

It’s still beta (or should we call it alpha), but if you are interested you can download the source code.